I’m a writer, photographer, and creative strategist.

If I had to write for one agency 24/7 for the rest of my life, it would be Fake Love. This is why:

1. You’re a design-driven experiential agency.

I’m obsessed with design and creative technology. When I write, I think about how the product will look, act, and feel. I always envision its design first, and the opportunities the design itself opens up for the product. When I take pictures, I think about how my images would look like blown-up from floor-to-ceiling. Have I created the feeling of the world I want to enter?

2. Fake Love creates immersive experiences and new products.

I got into advertising because I wanted to create and market things that had never existed before, and not because I wanted to write ads for beer or burgers for the rest of my life. I have a strong eye for aesthetic and am able to bring the most to the table at an agency as artistic as Fake Love. I have skills in many different areas (copywriting, editorial writing, strategy, photography, design, as well as complete fluency of Adobe Suite), and can take on multiple roles depending on the day’s needs. 

In London, I interned for high-end event planner Fiona Leahy, who I assisted for the opening of a Hugo Boss store on New Bond Street, a Paris Fashion Week dinner for Charlotte Olympia, and Sofia Barattieri’s wedding. Watching her creativity at work, intricate attention to detail, and ability to design bespoke pieces for parties inspired me to pursue writing and creative strategy at Fake Love. 

3. Marrying art and science… forever? Sounds pretty good to me.

I minored in neuroscience because I’m fascinated by the science of perception, which Fake Love manipulates in artistic ways via VR and AR better than any other agency I’ve seen.




I’m really excited about the possibility of working with you guys. Thank you for your consideration. 

X  Emily Chang

emily.chang022@gmail.com / 651-276-5710