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LRS Studio's Decoupage-Inspired Collection for RTW Spring 2018  

By Emily Chang

For LRS Studio Spring/Summer 2018, designer Raul Solis debuted a new collection inspired by decoupage and the dynamic, multi-layered work of German Dada artist Hannah Höch.

In vivid patterns, the collection’s stark lines pave roads that crawl over a variety of remixed halters, blouses, dresses and jackets. Cut-out coats, dresses and deconstructed pants were made in an original print composed of wheat-paste posters found throughout New York City.

Solis collaged menswear wardrobe essentials to express his feminist attitude towards the modern workplace - a timely nod to Höch’s work. “Hannah’s dark sensibilities and use of color resonated as strongly as her messages,” said Solis. “She had a lot to prove in her male-dominated team and used current events and fashion press clippings to create a layered visual diary that is uniquely hers.”

That’s not unlike Solis' collection this season – a bevy of photomontage, clean, geometric shapes, and remixes that feel fresh in its post-minimal state.

Annie Powers

Annie Powers